The first tab located in the base Tab Selection bar is the 'Watchlists' tab. When you initially login to your account, you will notice that a watchlist has already been created for you. This watchlist features some of our most popular products. This preset watchlist will update from time to time, however you will be able to add to it if you wish.  All watchlists that you create in the browser based TradeHub will be present when you login to the app and vice versa. 

Watchlists 1

To view the watchlist, simply tap the row. You will be taken through to the selected watchlist. The default information displayed in the watchlist screen is the Sell Price and button, Buy Price and button, the Net Change and Percentage change. If you wish to view the Low of the session and the High of the session (or a combination of the four) tap the buttons on the top row.

Watchlists 2

Scroll up and down on the 'Watchlist' tab to view all of the products in the watchlist.

From the 'Watchlist' tab you will be able to either access the deal ticket directly or access the product's information screen. To access the deal ticket, tap either the buy or sell prices. To access the product information, tap anywhere to the right of these buttons.

Creating, Renaming and Deleting a Watchlist

To create a new watchlist, tap 'Edit' on the Watchlist tab. This will display the 'New Watchlist' row. 

Watchlists 3

Tap that row and input a name for your Watchlist. 

Watchlists 4

When you are happy with the new watchlist's name, tap 'Done' your newly created watchlist will appear in the list of watchlists.

Watchlists 5

Once you have created a new watchlist, you will be required to visit the 'Product Search' tab to search for then and add products to your newly created watchlist.

To rename a watchlist, tap 'Edit' on the 'Watchlist' tab. The 'Rename' button will be present on all editable watchlists. Enter the new name for your watchlist and tap 'Done'.

You will be able to delete any editable watchlists. Using the same method as above, tap the 'Edit' button, and then tap 'Delete'.

Watchlists 6

Adding and Removing products

To add a product to an editable watchlist, you will be required to access the Product Search tab. We will explain how to use the search tool in more detail later in this guide, however simply locate the product you would like to add, then tap on the 'Product Information' page. 

Watchlists 7

The Product Information page can be accessed by tapping anywhere to the right of the Buy and Sell Buttons off the product.

At the bottom of the screen you will see an 'Add to Watchlist' button. Tap this button and you will be given the option of which watchlist to add you product too. 

Watchlists 8

To add the product to your selected watchlist, tap 'Add Here'. You will be able to view this product in the watchlist on both the app and web-based TradeHub®.

Watchlists 9

There are two methods to remove a product from your watchlist. Firstly access the watchlist that you would like the product to be removed from, then tap 'Edit'. This will present you with the option to delete the product. Tap 'Delete' and then confirm to remove the product from your watchlist. 

Watchlists 10

Alternatively, access the 'Product Information' screen from your chosen watchlist. You will then be presented with the 'Remove from watchlist' button. Tap this and then confirm; your product will be removed from your watchlist.

Watchlists 11

Trading from a Watchlist

As previously mentioned, you will be able to access either the deal ticket or product information screens from your watchlist. To place a trade or order, tap either the Buy or Sell buttons on the product row. Complete the deal ticket accordingly and then tap Place Trade/Order. Your newly opened position or order will then be displayed under the Positions or Orders tabs. You will also be able to access the deal ticket from the Product Information screen.