Product Search

To access the Product Search, simply tap the magnifying glass 'Search' icon located in the Tab Selection bar. When you access the Product Search tab you will have two search functions available. You can either use the Category Search, Text Search or a combination of the two. With the ability to use these search methods, this allows for greater flexibility.


The top section of the Product Search will allow you to input the name, part of the name or code for the product you would like to search for. Underneath this section, you will find the category search. At the top of the tab, you will find the 'Reset' and 'Search' buttons. After you have carried out your search, you will be able to trade directly from the results list, or can view the product information. You will be able to add the specific product to a watchlist from the product information page.

Product Search 1

Category Search

To use the category search, firstly select an Asset Type from the 1st section. All our products are categorised by asset and will be found under one of these selections.  Once you have selected an Asset Type, you will be presented with further options in the 2nd section. Some Asset Types have 3rd and 4th sections so that you can narrow your search down even further.

A key feature of the category search is that you do not need to search in section order; for example you will be able to select 'Single Shares' in the 1st section, 'All' in the 2nd section and then 'Banks' in the 3rd section. This will allow you to view all banking single shares that we offer in all available countries. To narrow down the results, you could then select a country in the 2nd section. This will then display relevant banking single shares for that country. Once you have input the relevant search criteria, tap 'Search'. 

Product Search 2

All results that meet your search criteria will be displayed. To reset your search, tap the 'Reset' button displayed on the Product Search page.

Text Search

To find a product by name, start typing in the 'Text' field. Tap 'Search'. All results that meet your search criteria will be displayed. To reset your search, tap the 'Reset' button displayed on the Product Search page.

Product Search 3

To optimise the app's data usage, when a search is carried out only the first 5 results will be initially shown. To retrieve the next 5 results, tap the 'Get next 5' button and the next 5 results will be displayed.

Product Search 4

Category and Text Search  

The Product Search also allows you to search using a combination of both the Category and Text searches. Using single shares as an example, if you did not know what type of share the product you are looking for is, but you do know the country it is based, you will be able to narrow the search down using the text field. Using this method allows you to narrow your search down to locate the products that you wish to trade.

Search Results

Once you have searched for the specific product, you will have several options available to you. You will be able view the product information and open a buy or sell deal ticket to place a trade or order. If you open the product information screen, you will be able to access the charts and add the product to a watchlist.