When you have an open position, it will be displayed in the ‘Positions’ tab. When you select this tab, you will see all of your open positions in an aggregated view. To the left there will be the aggregate direction and size. You will be able to view the market status, your entry price (and current price if you were to close at that time), the currently open P&L and how many individual trades make up that aggregate position.

Positions 1

Tapping an open position will result in one of two scenarios based on whether there are multiple trades that make up a position or whether it is just one individual trade. If there are multiple trades, tapping the position will take you through to the separate trade view where you’ll be able to manage each trade. 

Positions 2

Tapping an individual trade will take you through to the ‘Edit Position’ screen. If there are not multiple trades, you will be taken to the ‘Edit Position’ screen immediately.

Positions 3

If you had attached a Stop Loss, Take Profit or both, these will be displayed on the individual trades view. By selecting the individual trade, you will be taken to the Edit Positions screen. From this screen you will be able to Reduce or Close your position, view the Product Information or related Chart and will be able to add, amend or remove a Stop Loss and/or a Take Profit.