Under the ‘Orders’ tab, you will be able to view, amend and cancel all of your pending opening orders. The information displayed is the entry price, current market price, the distance current market price is from the entry price, the margin required for the order and the levels of any linked take profits or stop losses.

Orders 1

If you then tap the order row, you will be presented with the ‘Edit Order’ screen. From this screen, you will be able to amend the order accordingly or cancel it if you wish. When amending the order, you will be required to tap the ‘Update Order’.

Orders 2

Once you have updated your order, you will receive a confirmation. This confirmation will display the details of the order whether amended or not.

Orders 3

Once an order triggers and is filled, it will no longer be present in the ‘Orders’ tab. Only orders to open will be present in the ‘Orders’ tab; take profits and stop losses associated with a positions can be viewed in the ‘Positions’ tab.