Welcome to the new trading and investment Spread Betting and CFD app. Just like the browser based TradeHub®, the app is a highly intuitive and easy to use platform. Throughout this guide, we will explain in more detail how to open, close, view and update positions on the go. We will explain how to make the most of the app and how trading and investing with us has many advantages.

Key features of the app:

  • Trade and invest in thousands of products with the cheapest lifecycle costs  -initial spreads , roll over costs and funding
  • Variable Margins – choose your margin from very low levels up to 100% and pay for only that margin that you use
  • The ability to input notional amounts in your trades
  • The ability to utilise all funds on deposit as margin. The ‘Health Status’ of all accounts is monitored in real-time. For your protection, positions are auto-liquidated when the Health Status of an account reaches 0%
  • CFDs traded in the underlying currency of the asset (and settled to the currency of the base account for your convenience)
  • The ability to ‘cherry pick’ which specific trades you close (as part of an aggregated position)
  • Handy interactive ‘tool tips’ that help explain various elements of the platform
  • Intuitive and flexible Search Function
  • Interactive Charts