Our iPhone charts are both clear and simple to use. They allow you to view your positions on the go and also allow you to carry out basic technical analysis.

Charts 1

You will be able to access the charts from the Product Information screen, from an Open Position or Order. Tap the 'Chart' icon and you will be presented with the chart for the specific product.

When the chart loads, you will be able to zoom in by using the 'pinch' function on your iPhone. To zoom out, reverse this process.

Charts 2

Once you have zoomed in on your chart, you will be able to navigate by 'dragging' either left or right on the main chart. Below the x-axis, you can find the navigation pane. This shows a preview of the information displayed on the chart.

The y-axis features a marker that moves in relation to the current market price. The default price that is displayed is the Mid price. To change this, to either the Bid or Offer price, tap 'Chart Settings' and make the change from there.

There are two methods to change the chart timeframe. If you are currently on the chart itself, tap the 'Timeframe' icon in the bottom right hand corner. Based on the product there will be several granularity options available. Scroll and then select the timeframe that you would like to see and tap 'OK'.

Charts 3

Tilt your iPhone and you will be able to view a full screen landscape chart on the go. When viewing the chart in landscape, the same functionality can be used. You will be able to 'Pinch' to zoom, scroll left and right and will be able amend the timeframe accordingly. 

Tap the 'Settings' button to access the chart settings, you will be able to change the timeframe, chart type and add up to three SMA indicators. More indicators and options will be added soon.

Charts 4