App Overview

Once you have input your account details, tap the ‘Login to my account’ button. You will be immediately taken to the ‘Positions’ tab.

App Overview 1

There are three main sections to the TradeHub® app; the Account Summary bar, the Tab Selection bar and the main screen.

Account Summary Bar

At the top of the screen you will see the Account Summary bar. As a default, the information displayed will be you Cash Balance, Open P&L, Margin Available (all in the account base currency) and the liquidity. These figures will match the web based TradeHub® Account Summary bar.

App Overview 2

You will be able to view further account details by accessing the ‘Account’ tab. additional information that can be viewed in the ‘Account’ tab includes the Account Value and Margin Used.

Tab Selection bar

To the base of the screen, you will see the Tab Selection bar. There are five separate icons that will take you to the relevant tab once tapped. This bar will be used to navigate through the app.

App Overview 3

You will be able to access your Watchlists, Product Search, Positions, Orders and your Account Summary. Each can be accessed simply by tapping the icon.

The first icon is the Favourites screen. Using this will allow you to build lists of your preferred products so that you can locate, view and trade them.

App Overview 4

The second icon is the Product Search tool. You will be able to search using the ‘tree search’, ‘text search’ or a combination of the two.

Appoverview 5

The third icon opens your Open Positions screen. When you have open positions, they will be displayed here.

Appoverview 6

The fourth icon opens your Open Orders screen. When you have open orders, they will be displayed here.

Appoverview 7

The fifth icon is the Account screen. You will be able to view your full account details, transaction, order and trade histories and you will also be able to change the display mode of the app to display either Leverage or Margin requirements. The logout button is also located in this section.

Appoverview 8

On many sections of the App, you may notice small 'I' icons. Tap these icons to display tooltips that supply further information related to that area. Tap the 'X' icon to close the tooltip.

App Overview 9