Amending and Closing an Open Position

Once you have opened a position, you will be able to view your trade in the ‘Positions’ tab. From here, by tapping the position row, you will be taken to the ‘Edit Position’ screen. In the ‘Edit Positions’ screen you will be able to reduce or close your position. If you have a Stop Loss or Take Profit attached, then you will also be able to amend these accordingly. Complete the relevant fields and tap submit changes. Your position will be updated immediately.

Amending Trade 1

By selecting ‘Reduce’ you will be able to reduce your open position down to half the minimum trade size. You will be able to input a size by which you would like to reduce your position by.

Amending Trade 2

By tapping ‘Close’, you will be able to close your trade. This will allow you to Cherry Pick the trades you would like to close. If you place an opposing trade, the account will behave as FIFO. The close window displays the current market price, size, entry price, trade value and current P&L of the trade.

Amending Trade 3