Account Summary

Firstly we will look at the Account Summary bar. The Account Summary bar displays an overview of the status of your account. There are four fields displayed by default; Cash Balance, Open P&L, Liquidity and Margin Available.

App Overview 2

Cash Balance

The Cash Balance displays your realised cash balance for the account in your base currency. When a trade is closed, the resulting P&L will be reflected here.

Open P&L

The Open P&L value displays the cumulative P&L of all of your open positions in your base currency.

Margin Available

The Margin available field displays your current Margin Available in your base currency. This is the amount of money you have available to place trades.


The Liquidity field displays the health status of your account. A figure greater than 100% represents an overall profit; a figure less than 100% represents an overall loss. If your account reaches a liquidity value of 0% all open positions on your account will be automatically liquidated.

You may notice that the Browser based TradeHub® displays two additional fields to the four that are present on the app; Margin Used and Account Value. You will be able to view these figures in the Account screen. These can be located in the Account Tab.

Account Value

The Account Value displays your Cash Balance incluidng your cumulative P&L in your base currency.

Margin Used

The Margin Used field displays the cumulative Margin Requirement of all open positions and orders in your base currency.