By selecting the 'Account' tab, you will be able to select which account you are currently accessing, view all of your account values, view your account history and select whether you want to display Margin or Leverage. From the 'Account' screen you will also be able to logout of your account.

Account Values

Below the account selection, you can view your account status. By tapping the 'I' icon, a tooltip will be displayed that shows a detailed explanation of each field. Please see the following explanations.

Account 1

Cash Balance

The Cash Balance displays your realised cash balance for the account in your base currency. When a trade is closed, the resulting P&L will be displayed here.

Open P&L

The Open P&L value displays the cumulative P&L of all of your open positions in your base currency.

Account Value

The Account Value displays your Cash Balance including your cumulative P&L in your base currency.

Margin Available

Available Funds to place new opening trades or orders (in the account base currency)

Margin Used

The Margin Used field displays the cumulative Margin Requirement of all open positions and orders in your base currency.


The Liquidity field displays the health status of your account. A figure greater than 100% represents an overall profit; a figure less than 100% represents an overall loss. If your account reaches a liquidity value of 0% all open positions on your account will be automatically liquidated.

General Settings

At the bottom of the Account screen, you will be able to choose whether your accounts values are displayed as Leverage or Margin. Select which one you would like to view and these values will persist and be displayed upon your next login.

Account 2

Account History

By selecting 'Account History' you will be able to view a full account history displaying your Trade History, Order History and Transaction History. 

Account 4

Once you have accessed the Account History screen, you will be able to specify a date range. 

Account 5

Once you have selected the date range, you will be able to select the entries you would like to view when the report is generated.

Account 6

Trade History – The Trade History report displays all filled orders and executed trades. It shows all opening and closing trades with any subsequent P&L as a result of a closing trade.

Account 7

Order History - The Order History report displays all orders that have been placed on to an account. This will display Market Orders, Orders to Open, Stop Losses and Take Profits. This report displays all orders no matter if triggered and filled or not. 

Account 8

Transaction History - The transaction history only displays ledger entries that affect a clients Balance. The transactions displayed in this report are as follows: Trade Result, Bank Wire, Credit/Debit Card, Credit/Debit Card Fee, Correction, Bonus, Overnight Financing, Dividend, Commission, Conversion, Transaction Fee and Borrowing Charge.

Account 9

If you select one report, a combination of reports or all reports, then all entries will be displayed in either descending or ascending time order.

Account 10